Selected Discography that I have played drums on and/or have my own compositions on as well.

Neomythic - 1999 - band started by Paul Scriver - first real band I was in - 90's baby!


Brass Monkey Brass Band -Highest Good - 2004 - Amazing band started in 1999 that still plays to this day. My composition "Monkonian Brasswa" on this album was one of the first complete tunes I ever wrote!


Realistic Orchestra - Symphonies From Down the Block - 2009 - All original music from many different composers in a big band setting but very different musically than traditional big band music. This band is still cooking today as part of the Treat Street Social Club. The three tunes of mine on this album are "Captain Goes Down with the Ship" (lyrics by Dublin), "Arcline", and "Hard Times".

The Shotgun Wedding Quintet - 2007 - Great live hiphop band that I played till about 2005, very proud of the drumming on this record! This band still plays with a great drummer now, Pat Korte - go check em out!

Tin Cup Serenade - Tragic Songs of Hope - 2013 - I guess you could call this a swing band, but it really moves around genre wise in some beautiful ways, featuring the great vocals of Rolf Wilkinson. Wonderful album all around and very fun band to play with.

Klaxon Mutant Allstars - Robot Invasion - 2014 - This is a band I co-lead with trumpeter/composer Henry Hung. Jazz meets rock meets groove meets robots. Tunes of mine on here include "Start Time", "Klaxon Tom Bomb", and "Riled Up". One of my favorite projects I've ever been involved in!