(Photo credit: Heidi Schumann. Taken at the drum studio at Community Music Center)

I've been teaching drum lessons for over 15 years now but still consider myself a student as well, continually striving to become a better drummer and a better teacher. I incorporate this love of learning into my teaching in many different ways including a diverse musical background and years of growing experience in playing shows, touring, and recording. The basics of great drumming technique can be taught in ways that tap into your own curiosity, your own sense of creativity. My goal for all my students is to be able to imagine themselves driving a band from behind the drums - and to make that a reality!

I like to mix structure and improvisation in my teaching, and I have put that to practice with students ranging from 8 years old to 70!  We all learn in different ways so I try to tailor my lessons to each individual student but the bottom line is playing the drums is a blast for me and I want to help people get to that place! 

I’m available to do house call drum lessons in the home or studio. 

My teaching includes:
- private lessons - absolute beginners, intermediate, advanced and professional levels
- prep for auditions - (schools, bands, music programs, classical percussion auditions) 
- combo or group coaching 
- brush up lessons
- basic mallet technique for marimba/vibraphone/xylophone etc…

Genres that I’ve spent extensive time listening to, absorbing and learning to play include these just to start: classic rock, jazz (20’s and 30’s through to the modern jazz language), reggae (ska, rocksteady, roots) drumn’bass, trip hop or groove jazz, afrocuban, brazilian and afro brazilian, classic 80’s and 90’s pop, funk, blues, and more. 


For more info including rates and availability, please contact me at: eric917@gmail.com